Event Medical Standbys

Midwest Medical provides Basic and Advanced Life Support medical stand-by service statewide for special events. We can offer multiple ambulances for your large events or just one for your smaller events, depending on the risk involved and the number of participants.  We can handle any event, large or small, including sporting events (football, MMA, hockey, soccer), concerts, rodeos, horse racing, car races, 5k to ultra-marathon races, company events and much more. Call 1.800.562.3396 now to schedule medical coverage for your next event.

Advanced Life Support (ALS)

Our ALS crews are teams of highly trained paramedics that provide advanced medical care to the patients during transport.  Paramedics are licensed individuals who perform tasks beyond that of an EMT. These tasks include: Cardiac monitoring, intubation, and administering IV medications. Paramedics undergo 18-24 months of training and practice. After the formal training, they are required to participate in continuing education and undergo state and national certifications.

Basic Life Support (BLS)

Our BLS crews undergo 6–10 months of education and field training and hold an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) license. BLS crews are trained to provide basic patient care under state protocols. Some of their skills include: Basic airway management, first aid and orthopedic care, IV Monitoring, assisting patients with medication, advanced aid to injuries, and oxygen therapy. Collectively, the crew works together to ensure the patient’s well-being and comfort.